North By Northwest

Brace yourself to be whisked across America, from the skyscraper canyons of New York City to the Black Hills of South Dakota, following advertising executive Roger O. Thornhill in his desperate quest to clear his name. Everything you will recall from the original Hitchcock film, from drunken car rides down twisting roads, a love affair on a train, to the famous cliff hanger ending on Mount Rushmore is recreated live on stage. How is this achieved? Well that would be ruining the surprise! You’ll need to come to the theatre to see for yourself.

Just as in 1959, when Alfred Hitchcock stretched the technical resources of cinema to make the greatest chase movie of all time, Simon Phillips and the creative team continue to push the technical resources of theatre to present Carolyn Burn’s thrilling stage adaptation.

“Absolutely brilliant...ingenious...mind boggling.”
Broadwayworld, UK

“Brilliant A-grade entertainment.”
Herald Sun, Australia

“Charming...entertaining and silly in the extreme.”
The Globe, UK

“Ingenious...a recreation of the stylish thriller, but with filmic devices that add to the live fun.”
Toronto Now, Canada

“Clever,...suspenseful,...entirely silly.”
The Globe, UK