The Magic Squad:

A Magical Family Adventure!


What do you get when the most beloved toys on Earth collide with a troupe of talented teenage magical misfits? The answer: THE MAGIC SQUAD: A MAGICAL FAMILY ADVENTURE! powered by Hasbro; a hilarious, family-friendly spectacle laced with fun, wonder and enchantment for all ages. Join THE MAGIC SQUAD who, using their miraculous abilities and Hasbro’s iconic toys and games, embark on a mission to induct a new member into their ranks. The result is an engaging production full of heart that delivers a powerful and positive message, laughter and delight.

Under license from Hasbro, a global play and entertainment company, and presented by Kilburn Live, a world-leader in experiential attractions, events and theatrical extravaganzas, THE MAGIC SQUAD features brand new, incredible illusions created by the industry’s top magical talents. Featuring a unique combination of spectacular magic, Hasbro toys and games, kid-friendly humor, and audience interactivity, THE MAGIC SQUAD is a can’t-miss experience for the whole family. THE MAGIC SQUAD brings the magic of play to life!