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The Twenty-Sided Tavern


The theatrical journey you’ve been waiting for.
Choose the Characters, Play the Story, Become the Hero.


Welcome to THE TWENTY-SIDED TAVERN! Where laughter flows like ale and the story is yours to control. Every night is a new experience where you choose the characters, what paths they take, and how hilarious their hijinks will be. Battle monsters, solve puzzles, and experience a unique ending based on how you played the story. Grab your friends and embark on the journey of a lifetime that might involve dungeons, might involve dragons, and is guaranteed to be unlike anything you've ever experienced.

Please Note: THE TWENTY-SIDED TAVERN is a show set in a tavern. As such, within these walls, you may encounter coarse language, adult themes, alcohol use, depictions of violence, jugglers, stunts that should not be imitated at home, pickpockets, loose women, loose men, loose non-binary folx, and fantasy creatures that may not be suitable for all adventurers. 

A reminder: Feel free to come in your best “adventure casual” attire; boddices, bracers, and boots are encouraged. We only ask that you leave the weapons at home and be courteous toward your fellow heroes.

“fantastic fun… utterly excellent and brilliantly put together... an afternoon of hilarity at this year’s fringe”

Broadway World Scotland

“You are sure to laugh your way through the adventure. The fourth wall has been shattered, and the direct control of the story is in your hands!”
OnStage Pittsburgh

“This is not just a theatre performance, this is an escape room like experience built for enjoyment and joy, and certainly an experience I will not forget for a good while"
North West End UK


The reigning expert on turning the tables on tabletop gaming and bringing the role-playing experience to the stage.
Neil Patrick Harris

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